Exclusive Ixalan Preview: Lookout’s Dispersal

We teased it earlier on Instagram…

Exclusive Preview. Midnight TONIGHT! #ixalan #mtg www.toplevelpodcast.com

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… Now it’s time to reveal the real card itself:

Lookout’s Dispersal!

Lookout's Dispersal
Yes, yes — this sweet new counterspell is kinda sorta a Metallic Rebuke for the Pirates tribe.

What if, by the way, you try this with Metallic Rebuke in a Pirates deck exploiting a lot of treasure tokens? Pretty cool, huh?

In a special exclusive bonus podcast, Patrick and Michael go over their first impressions on Lookout’s Dispersal, a new Pirates-themed instant from Ixalan:

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“Somewhere between ‘sweet’ and ‘backbreaking’ … ”


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