Why Birthing Pod Was Banned

According to Patrick, “the real reason” Birthing Pod was banned can be traced back to a single, solitary event.

Wanna know what that event was? Listen to the podcast of course!

Birthing Pod
Birthing Pod Banned!

Earlier this week our lords and masters in Renton, WA dropped the ban hammer on formats various. Chapin and Flores discuss bans in Vintage, Legacy, and Modern.


How is Gifts Ungiven powered in Vintage, relative to Fact or Fiction?


“Legacy is this format where there is this illusion that somehow it is a reasonable format despite the fact that Brainstorm is legal.”

Treasure Cruise was restricted and / or banned in three different formats. What does the banning of Treasure Cruise in Legacy (but the not-affecting of Dig Through Time) mean for Wasteland? For Burn decks?

Wanna feel really icky gooey gross inside? Come listen to Patrick’s rules explanation of Woldgorger Dragon in Constructed tournament play… Legacy or not.

Patrick’s prediction for Legacy: B/G decks will be back with a vengeance!


Lots of players have opinions about the Modern bannings… Patrick actually has to prepare for a Modern Pro Tour in the next couple of weeks! He shares some of his team’s preparation procedure for Pro Tours.

Some people are “passionately” and “aggressively” … pretending they are quitting Magic over the bans. Thoughts?

“Every single Modern Pro Tour is going to involve bans. THEY ALWAYS HAVE.”

What are the implications of these Bannings on key decks in the Modern format?

Will Splinter Twin return to dominance with a predicted de-emphasis on U/R Delver (thanks to the banning of Treasure Cruise?

Will U/R Storm challenge Splinter Twin as the U/R combo deck of choice [for the same reasons]?

What is the context in which you would actually want to play a Burn deck (in Modern or otherwise)?

What will be the fates of Wild Nacatl, Vengevine, or the returning Golgari Grave-Troll in the new-look Modern?

All this and more is answered in:

“Why Birthing Pod Was Banned”

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