The Rise of Dig Through Time in Legacy

Dig Through Time
Legacy lost Treasure Cruise but kept Dig Through Time.
Dig Through Time is just starting to take the place of “the broken blue delve card” of the format.

Thank God there are not Legacy Pro Tours any more!

The absence of Legacy Pro Tours allows the format to largely avoid bannings and evolve on its own. The recent removal of Treasure Cruise from Legacy has yielded immediate diversity.

Patrick Chapin (from the Pantheon house on the road) joins Michael J Flores for a first look at the Legacy format, post Treasure Cruise banning.

… Starting of course with a Delver of Secrets-free Grixis Control deck featuring Dig Through Time!

“My only sadness is that he is not playing Cruel Ultimatum.”
-Patrick Chapin

Come hear the Legacy chats about Dig Through Time in Grixis + seven other decks in…

“The Rise of Dig Through Time in Legacy”

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