Christine Sprankle and Kaalia of the Vast

“This is not a podcast with a great reputation right now.”

Welcome to “the most ridiculous episode of Top Level Podcast ever” featuring our first guest ever: “one-time World Champion / two-time Pro Tour” cosplayer Christine Sprankle!

Christine has made the big time as a cosplayer, being featured in Rolling Stone magazine this week for her cosplay of Avacyn, Angel of Hope.

Christine Sprankle as Avacyn, Angel of Hope; photo by our good friend Joey Pasco

Also featuring…

  • The first time Mike cheated at Magic
  • Commander chats!
  • Mike is a super newbie at Commander (and barely knows the rules)
  • Comparing Kaalia of the Vast to Butcher of the Horde
  • A special place called the Command Zone
  • The best part of cosplay
  • A certain foil Tarmogoyf
  • Christine in Charlotte


That’s so awesome to me that you play this card —
It’s like the centerpiece of your deck —
It’s your commander — it’s defining the colors of the cards you can play, it has a special ability that defines which other cards you will choose, so you’re going to bend all of your choices around Angels Demons and Dragons because of Kaalia [of the Vast]… And yet you have no expectation of never being able to use her ability.

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