Deathmist Raptor & Devotion to Dragons of Tarkir

Deathmist Raptor
Deathmist Raptor is one of the best cards in the set… And might be THE best card in the set.

Mike tries really hard to get Patrick to not like Deathmist Raptor… But is not successful.

Deathmist Raptor is pretty good (not great) on rate… But it does so many other things that you will consistently make a profit on it.

Deathmist Raptor has two green mana symbols to contribute to the “Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx” cause (and obviously works well with preexisting Devotion threats Mastery of the Unseen and Whisperwood Elemental)… Which puts the boys on the “Devotion to…” theme.

Dragons of Tarkir in many ways ushers in a new age of Devotion decks. There are many tools to set up such decks across the various colors.

Ainok Survivalist
Ainok Survivalist will save many Deathmist Raptors, and even help out against a Banishing Light that MIGHT get him.

“This guy is nice.”

“I am terrified of any Hound at 1G.”

Shorecrasher Elemental
With UUU in the upper-right, Shorecrasher Elemental seems tailor-made for a return to Mono-Blue Devotion.

“I can’t even conceive of the world where this guy’s playtest name was NOT ‘MegaMorphling.'”

“Patrick Chapin breaks the Internet.”

As it is an Elemental, Shorecrasher Elemental was engineered to be “the chosen one” according to Patrick… Note the Master of Waves synergy.

Stratus Dancer
Stratus Dancer is just a great card, whether you play it in a Devotion to Blue deck or not.

The presence of so many effective blue Megamorph cards gives Mono-Blue Devotion a lot of play, tactical implications, and a profound ability to bluff. Unlike previous versions of Mono-Blue Devotion, the post-Dragons of Tarkir Mono-Blue Devotion deck will have great resilience versus removal.

Encase in Ice
Encase in Ice

Mirror Mockery
Mirror Mockery

Enchantments like Encase in Ice and Mirror Mockery give Mono-Blue Devotion more ways to build Devotion to Blue outside of committing to additional creatures. Playing Mirror Mockery on your own Master of Waves does too many good things (including double pumps during combat), plus, Mirror Mockery + Bident of Thassa is going to be just filthy.

Dragon Whisperer
Dragon Whisperer is the flagship that pulls together Red Devotion in the upcoming Standard.

All of this plus way more Dragons of Tarkir discussion!

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“Deathmist Raptor & Devotion to Dragons of Tarkir”

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