Speed, Nowhere, and Ojutai Exemplars

Ojutai Exemplars
Patrick’s short spiel on Ojutai’s Exemplars last week… Convinced Mike to buy a set!

How do you make a deck that is already the fastest deck in the format a half-turn faster?

Find out in “Speed, Nowhere, and Ojutai Exemplars”!

The importance of looking at formats from different angles?

“Speed, Nowhere, and Ojutai Exemplars” has got you covered!

Nostalgia? The history of Luis Scott-Vargas-winning tournaments?

… “Speed, Nowhere, and Ojutai Exemplars” I tell you!

[2009 World Champion] Andre Coimbra not believing some ridiculous turn-1 claim Mike makes?


“We have math for this, man.”
-Patrick Chapin

From New York City!

From the middle of nowhere, Belgium!

Mike Flores and Patrick Chapin bring you the epic twentieth episode of Top Level Podcast… “Speed, Nowhere, and Ojutai Exemplars”

What’s it like for two of the ten best deck builders of all time* to upload five years of deck building into your head in five minutes (or five months)?

“Speed, Nowhere, and Ojutai Exemplars” (obv)

In addition to spending much of this podcast on the paradigm-shifting power of Ojutai Exemplars, Patrick and Mike talk about Secure the Wastes and some updates / revisions to Sidisi, Undead Vizier.

Secure the Wastes
“Secure the Wastes for zero” will be a surprisingly effective Ojutai Exemplars-saving play.

Sidisi, Undead Vizier
Make sure you know how to respond to the multiple triggers on Sidisi, Undead Vizier; also…

“The Pantheon rules the streets.”
-“Poet Laureate” Owen Turtenwald

All this and more in: “Speed, Nowhere, and Ojutai Exemplars”

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* not Michael and / or Patrick BTW… But if you want to read about the Ten Best Deck Builders of All Time, check out Patrick’s book Next Level Deckbuilding