How Does Temur Ascendancy Work?

Temur Ascendancy
Temur Ascendancy

Wondering how Temur Ascendancy (or at least the Temur Ascendancy combo) works?

So was Mike!

Patrick explains the mechanics of this crazy new combo deck… And more!


  • Patrick Chapin and Mike Flores explore three decks from this past weekend’s winner’s circle:
  • The nuances of B/U Control (both the recent Grand Prix win and how one listener took down a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier with Top Level Podcast’s build from last week)
  • The rise of G/R Devotion
  • How Temur Ascendancy works! (duh)

Why does Patrick favor consistency versus Mike favoring explosiveness?

Does Abzan Aggro (versus Abzan Midrange) help expert players hold their natural edges?

General nuances of Standard / which skills does Standard reward?

B/U Control

  • One selling point of B/U Control is how intuitive it can be
  • Twenty-seven lands? Mike can get behind twenty-eight.
  • Radiant Fountain… Gotta play four
  • Is Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver overrated?
  • Patrick corrects Mike’s sideboarding
  • Is it ever right to play 61 cards?
  • The best match of Magic Mike has ever played
  • How to play Abzan v. B/U Control

G/R Devotion and G/R Big Mana

  • Whisperwood Elemental is the card that puts this strategy back on the map
  • Effectively “six power in bodies” for five mana that gives you defense against Crux of Fate, End Hostilities, and even Ugin

Temur Ascendancy Combo

  • Temur Ascendancy + Voyaging Satyr + Temur Sabretooth –> Patrick explains how this is a big, big mana, combo
  • Temur Ascendancy Combo can play like an old school Fires of Yavimaya deck or a Green Devotion deck
  • “Wildly inconsistent.” -Patrick Chapin
  • All this and more in “How Does Temur Ascendancy Work?”

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    Editor’s Note:
    Chapin forgot Memphis was this weekend (this podcast indicates it is next weekend)… He’ll still be there!